Beautiful Day started with the question being asked “if our church buildings burnt down today, would anyone care?” Beautiful Day was the answer to that through huge serving efforts throughout Redwood City. We had no idea that would open up a huge platform for us to be influential in meeting the needs within the city and shining light in
very important places.  Our primary focus has been local schools and we have served at: Taft, Hoover, Garfield, Hawes, Roosevelt, Kennedy, and Fair Oaks Community Schools with thousands of volunteers since 2007. We are a growing group of government agencies, community organizations and people from all walks of life serving others by addressing all sorts of needs across Redwood City, California. Our goal is to aggressively spread compassion, to discard apathy in favor of activity and light fires of good will in the neighborhoods we work and live in. Our hope is to have a positive effect on our community