Generations United, Inc. is recruiting partners to tackle illiteracy in North Fair Oaks Community of Redwood City.  Illiteracy prevents people from enjoying a quality life.  People who cannot read are less likely to finish high school, are unable to get good jobs, and are less likely to settle into stable family situations.  National studies have correlated illiteracy with crime.  While literacy is something you and I take for granted, the statistics here in Redwood City are staggering:  59% of 3rd graders in Redwood City School District are BELOW proficient in their reading!  Left uncorrected, these children are at high risk to finish their education.

Illiteracy is a multi-faceted problem, with roots in generational and institutional poverty, food insecurity, inadequate access to reading materials, and limited early childhood exposure to language.  In other words, illiteracy is tied to problems that are too big for the school system to confront alone.  To successfully deal with this issue, the whole community has to mobilize to eradicate the conditions, causes, and consequences of illiteracy.

Generations United is offering solutions!  Redwood City needs caring adults to demonstrate leadership by unleashing people into trusted relationships that can empower change.   There is a growing consensus that we can address this issue if we collaborate.  Just 1 hour a week can make a huge impact!   Read to a child, join an ESL team, or become a literacy education mentor.

While literacy is something you and I take for granted, the number of children who could use reading help in Redwood City public schools from K-3rd graders is where we would like to focus our efforts over the long term.  Our goal is to rally caring adults to assist children to become proficient in their reading, thus helping them be successful in the future.  Will you join us for only 1 hour a week?  Sign up here: