RWCR12.2015AngJoin the Redwood City Reads initiative!  1 hour a week reading 1/1 with a child. We are seeing incredible value in these relationships being established.  Our focus: Quality time focusing on site-words and reading 1/1 with children from books that have been leveled by grade level.  Research shows that learning just 13 of the most frequently used words will enable children to read 25% of any text. Learning 100 high frequency words gives a beginner reader access to 50% of virtually any text, whether a children’s book or a newspaper report. When you couple immediate recognition of the high frequency sight words with a good knowledge of basic phonics, that’s when a child’s reading can really take off.
We are believing for a volunteer revolution that will impact the proficiency levels in our city in a big way!

We also have specialists for English language learners, speech and other important areas.

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  • Fair Oaks is a “Community School”
  • It has 340 students from pre-school through 5th grade
  • 99% of families are of Hispanic heritage
  • 100% of students receive free meals
  • 9% of the community is under the age of 5
  • Fair Oaks shares its campus with a charter school

*statistics from a portion of the community served