February 2014

Love is in the air and we at Generations United, Inc. are grateful to serve in a city where heartbreak surrounds us, but love is STRONGER! Never has there been a greater time to get involved in helping families in our city.  January solidified a focus that has been part of the mission of Generations United, Inc., since inception.  Engaging caring adults in helping families in RWC by donating their time, talent and treasure.   While literacy is something you and I take for granted, the statistics in Redwood City are staggering:


  • 93% of adults in N. Fair Oaks still don’t read, even in their own native tongue (Spanish).  Many of these adults have been in this city for 8+ years.
  • 40% of school aged children fail to complete high school.
  • 59% of 3rd graders in Redwood City School District are BELOW proficient in their reading!  Actually, the statistics are much more staggering in some schools where 69%-74% are well below third grade proficiency.  There are a number of factors/reasons for this, but the real question is: What will we do as members of a caring community?


Redwood City Reads – We have identified 100’s of children who are not engaged in programs after school.  Many of these children are falling behind in their studies as they don’t have the proper support at school or home to complete homework assignments.  What that means is they fall further behind with each passing day.  Can you volunteer 1 hour a week? We have children who would benefit immensely from that time. Here is a video that highlights why it’s important we move forward with programs to help these children:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PL_hc2JYEDy-J5L3R08GmgVuBGzKnapogr&feature=player_embedded&v=US1ZCsT6Wmg


Mom’s ESL – This week as we taught English in Fair Oaks School, Naomi arrived for the first time to class.  She has been in RWC for 20 years and raised 2 daughters and now has grandchildren.  She never learned English.  Through tears she shared how her husband would not let her go to school.  Her greatest heartbreak was when her daughter who was going to community college was unable to continue her studies as she was undocumented.  This Mom said she didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to go to school herself and learn.  That is why she joined the class.  She said she had to put away her shame and make a decision for herself.  Every woman in the room cried with her.


Be a part of what we are to do in reaching out to our neighbors. Get involved in our crayon and book drives benefiting local students or click here:  Please consider joining our volunteer team.  We need you and together we can make a difference in our city.


Angie Ibarra

Executive Director