Generations United, Inc. 501(c) 3 – Our mission is to empower the Hispanic community by providing avenues for community organizations and caring adults to participate in activities that promote family literacy, family advocacy, and projects that serve Hispanic families in Redwood City. We do this by offering English as a Second Language classes, participating in emergency care for displaced families and leading catalytic events that reach out to the community as well as through neighborhood affinity groups that equip families to experience by other caring adults.  Our premier offering is Redwood City Reads, where we match caring volunteers with children for 1/1 reading on local Redwood City School campuses, homes, or at the local library.

Generations United, Inc. has worked in close partnership with local churches, businesses as well as many other non-profit organizations in Redwood City. We believe resources and passion for serving the community are abundant but require visionary leadership to execute programs that will empower others to serve the marginalized in the community. Generations United, Inc. offers Redwood City both the experience and ability to join together businesses, non-profit organizations, families and individuals who care enough to invest time, talents, and treasure into building a neighborhood community.

2012-2013 has been a very productive and intentional season for Generations United, Inc. having completed a 7 month project on an after school initiative @ Hoover School in East Redwood City titled, “Family Learning Hours.” We partnered with community organizations to provide services to 100 families 2 nights a week, in an after school model. We conducted workshops for parents on nutrition, safety, financial literacy, ESL and led a homework center for children.

The need: Redwood City has a diverse community located in one of the wealthiest counties in the country. This population of 76,815 living in Redwood City and North Fair Oaks. About 9% of our residents are under the age of 5 years. Approximately 62% of the 9,200 attending schools in Redwood City School District are eligible for free or reduced cost lunches. About 50% of these students are English Language Learners with the largest number coming from Spanish speaking families. Many live in crowded, multi-family apartments and small houses. 93% of the students at Fair Oaks School are English Language learners

– It is obvious why city leaders have determined that family literacy is Redwood City’s biggest challenge.

Our Initiatives