We are fortunate to have amazing volunteers meet with students one on one weekly. Please be encouraged by this wonderful testimony from volunteer Fredda Morris.

Fredda_kids_readingHello, I am Fredda Morris and I am a tutor for Generations United in the RWC Reads program. I am a mother of four, all attending RWC public schools while growing up. Before children I was a substitute teacher for RWC schools. I LOVE children. I LOVE reading. I LOVE books. I was working as a volunteer in the RWC elementary school libraries when a dear friend encouraged me to go back to teaching/tutoring children to read. I threw out excuses not knowing if I still had the skills and/or energy. Well, once I ‘got back’ with the children, I found I had both and soon became energized and could hardly wait for my time with ‘my students’ each week. I work with 5 students at Roosevelt for two hours and 7 students at Fair Oaks for 7 hours per week. All have progressed with some going up two grade levels from where we started. I received my highest compliment this year when one of my students asked me to accompany him on a classroom field trip. Yes,I rearranged my schedule to go and had a wonderful time. My ‘in-house’ joke is that at this phase of my life, I did not need to cook more, shop more or clean more. I do need to get out and do something useful that helps others and in my own community. Who is being helped or blessed more? Well now, that is a very good question which I will let you decide.

Please consider joining our team this Summer and experience the same joy Fredda finds week after week!

Summer program – 6 weeks
Dates: June 22nd – July 30th (Monday-Thursday)
Time: 10am-4pm
Where: Fair Oaks and John Gill Schools
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