Danetta Marcus is a native of the San Francisco bay area.  She has been married for the past 12 years.  She earned a B.S. in Counseling Psychology at William Jessup University.  Over the past 16 years her life’s work has been focused on educating incarcerated men and women about the cycle of addiction and many other life skills topics.  In addition to her love for teaching, she has spent many hours volunteering in chaplaincy work in local jails and prisons throughout the surrounding counties. The work she most passionate about, is helping to put an end to family violence.  Her primary work at Family Children Services is devoted to conducting several 52 week Domestic Violence programs. 
She has worked collaboratively with the Batterer’s Intervention Program Board in the Department of Probation in Redwood City and in the City of Alameda County.  She conducted supports groups at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship for eight years, helping women heal from the pain of abuse.  Her desire is to empower people to become their best selves, and work toward loving others and build stronger relationships.