Summer Opportunities

For Cross-Cultural Engagement June 19th-August 19th (9 weeks).

How can YOU get involved with Generations United?

Redwood City Reads

200 students. Two campuses (Fair Oaks/John Gill). At least one hour a week. Reading with a child is a fantastic way to connect with children and bless many as we head into the “summer slump” and loss of reading/literacy focus


Great for College or High School Junior and Seniors to fulfill community service hours. Learn the inner workings of running a non-profit and loving members of the community

Engage with Local Children

Saturday @ Andrew Spinas Park (corner of 2nd and Bay). We can set up a time for children to enjoy an afternoon of fun with sports, games, face painting, crafts, picnics, etc.

Use Your Gifts

We’d love to incorporate student’s gifts and talents. One of our volunteers teaches 12 Latina ballerinas every Sunday after church Other ways you could participate: provide child care, snacks, tennis, Music, dance, tutoring math, You name it and we will set up with students to make something awesome happen this summer (and beyond).

Fitness for Moms

Support the children of the moms that are taking fitness and nutrition classes every Friday at Fair Oaks School. 5:30-6:30pm

Quarters of Kindness

Collect quarters then monthly head to a local laundromat and bless families.. We take quarters, laundry detergent, bounce sheets, bleach and just show up at laundromats and set up shop with, snacks, games, music, art, etc.

Other Ways to Participate

Backpack Drives- Assemble backpack kits for the community.

July and August ESL help- for members of the Fair Oaks neighborhood