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The vision for Generations United arose out of empathy.  Born in the San Francisco Bay Area to immigrant parents, and raised by a single mom, Angie Ibarra possesses intimate knowledge of the challenges many families must overcome.  Grateful for her path to success as a telecommunications executive, and what it took to get there, Angie spent countless hours volunteering among mothers and their children, helping them avert the plight of poverty.  

After 25 years of professional service in the industry, Angie decided to leave the corporate sector to devote her life full-time to empowering struggling families in the Redwood City community. In 2012, the need for an after-school evening program was piloted  at the local Hoover Elementary School. Under Angie’s leadership, a one year collaborative initiative called Family Learning Hours was launched.  Family Learning Hours (FLH) went beyond the typical after-school tutoring model by providing services for the whole family.  Serving over a 100 families, the program offered workshops in healthy eating, financial literacy, personal safety, fitness, computer and Mom’s ESL.

This cooperative and holistic endeavor formed the philosophical basis for Generations United, a community-based organization that now reaches over 1,000 children at schools in Redwood City and the North Fair Oaks neighborhood by mobilizing over 500+ volunteers and providing collaborative, visionary leadership among the educators, charitable nonprofits, churches, and corporations who work together to make it all happen.