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Our mission is to empower Redwood City & North Fair Oaks children and their families to reach their full potential…in this generation and the next. This is no small task. The privatization of education, the decline of public dollars, and rising living costs are putting an unprecedented strain on local school communities, particularly in unincorporated North Fair Oaks. For many low-income and immigrant families, the obstacles are only growing.

This is where Generations United comes in.  Led by passionate, competent staff and hundreds of incredible volunteers, our organization promotes community, wellness, and academic success through several local initiatives to bridge the gaps.  In partnership with local schools, congregations, nonprofits, and corporations, we not only provide academic enrichment centers for the children, but complementary services for the entire family, including mental health support, education, fitness programs, personal safety, and emergency assistance in the event of personal tragedy, hardship or displacement. Additionally, we partner with many local organizations and individuals on annual community events such as Mother’s Day Celebration, Community Thanksgiving Dinner, and Sponsor-A-Family (Christmas gift initiative).