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What Our Partners Are Saying

“There is Generations United and Angie Ibarra, who focus on empowering people and provide support across the spectrum of needs. We’re very blessed that Angie gives her heart, mind, and soul to the needs of so many.”

Chris BethDirector, Redwood City Parks & Recreation

“I’m not good at a lot of things, but I can read. It’s great to be able to see the excitement on the kid’s faces, to watch them progress through certain words, books. It’s gratifying to share something that I can do with the next generation.”


"It’s a joy to be working with these students and you realize you can make a difference...You feel good about coming here every week...This is the place to be!”


"Anytime you can invest in the lives of kids, you’re investing in the future, you’re investing in your community. I just can’t think of a better investment.”


"This program really provides an outlet for the children to explore their different selves, that their teachers may not be able to have access to during the regular school day.”


Corporate & Foundation Partners

Corporations & City Government