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April Newsletter 2024


In just a few short months, our time at 895 2nd Ave. will end, and we will be in a different location by the start of the next school year. Although we had high hopes and planned to make this location our long-term community space for our families, gentrification and displacement are affecting us at a critical time. We believe it is a blessing in disguise.

We are in discussions with a property owner whose building keeps us in the vicinity of one of the largest schools in our area. This has been our hope! Please stand with us through this transition at the end of September. We are believing for a miracle to purchase the building at some point, but that requires a bit more time and strategic conversations with funders. We are trusting God to make this dream a reality! As of now, we are looking to lease a detached section of this building, and we hope to stay in this location and not have to transition again.

We are calling on all our friends to join us in this endeavor. Let’s spend time together encouraging our community. Stop by and introduce us to people who might want to be a part of our amazing story!

We are thrilled to have a $50,000 match from a generous donor and are more committed than ever to empowering and advocating for families. Join us for prayer this Friday, 4/19 at 895 2nd Avenue at 9:30 a.m. as we trust Him for our next location.

Give Today

We hosted our annual Easter egg hunt on Thursday, 3/28, at Stanford Park across the street and had a great time! Thank you to our incredible volunteers, partners, and families who showed up to help us and drop off donations. Special thanks to SM County Sheriffs Javier Acosta, Rodney Reed, and Joaquin Moren. Thank you to SAL (Sheriff’s Activity League), Mason Lok, and the youth team, who blessed the event with volunteers. Our staff worked hard to make this event successful for all families who joined us.

Click to see a video here.

Welcome, Raissa & Ana Betty!

Raissa Marchetti-Kozlov
Teacher Raissa joined us as a volunteer to lead the youth choir and quickly pivoted to making it official as our newest staff member! We are blessed to have her filling in the gaps in various capacities – event coordinator, program coordinator, and even stepping in to help lead the AEC! Raissa is trilingual (French, English, Spanish) and has lived in Mexico (Baja California). Please help us give her a warm welcome! Click the photo for more information.
Ana Betty Lopez Rodriguez
Folks around here know Ana Betty for her infectious laughter and can-do attitude. As a mother of many students who’ve passed through Generations United, she is intimately acquainted with the work that we do and has been a dedicated volunteer for many years. We have welcomed her to our team and she has jumped in with full force! Bienvenida!

Our 2023 Impact Report is here! Check your mailbox for a physical copy of the amazing things we have done this year with the continued support of our dedicated staff, faithful volunteers, and loyal supporters. For a sneak peek at the digital version, click the button below or the photo.

Click to see the Impact Report

If you did not receive a physical copy, please click here to provide your mailing address, and we will send one right to you. You can also stop by 895 2nd Ave. and pick up one for yourself and one for a friend to spread the word!

Important Dates
Click here for this month’s AEC calendar with important dates and reminders.
  • Saturday 4/13 – Happy Birthday, Gabriela Gochez!
  • Friday 4/19 – Prayer at 9 am, 895 2nd Ave. Redwood City
  • Friday 5/10 – Día de las Madres (Mother’s Day) Celebration
  • Monday 5/13 – Happy Birthday, Keith Miller!

Volunteer Call to Action

As we head into the final few weeks of school, we are calling on all volunteers to support our students in finishing the school year strong! We need your help playing games, reading, doing art projects, and being present with our AEC students. Can you spare an hour or two in the coming weeks? Our center is open Mon-Thurs from 3-6 pm.

Join Us
We welcome your financial support and encourage donations via Facebook or Zelle (no fees!). We also accept ACH, Venmo, and PayPal.
Details are on our donation page, click below.
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