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Easter comes with a great sense of gratitude for the gift of love when God gave His only begotten son to die for us (John 3:16). It always makes me think about how we are called to love this way. Selflessly, extravagantly, generously, and without the expectation of getting anything in return. This is indeed a God kind of love and we at Generations United endeavor to model this as we love those who live in our community. There is so much to celebrate!
We celebrate a new season and welcome Spring with a renewed sense of purpose as we give hope to those who are looking to provide a better life for their families. 50+ small business entrepreneurs have come together in our Business 101 class. These hard-working individuals come every week (sometimes without having eaten dinner or even a snack) to learn and grow together.
We celebrate the beautiful faces of children and volunteers reading and spending time together. Easter is about all things new and we sing a song of hope for a new day. We believe we are called to love those in material poverty. We work alongside them to repair broken systems and push back against the enormous challenges they face. We can do this together…one family at a time. Thank you for caring, praying, loving, and investing in our work.

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There are many opportunities for you to support our students and be a part of events:

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As we head into the final few weeks of school, we are calling on all volunteers to support our students in finishing the school year strong! Next week during Spring Break we have some specific needs to help give our Academic Enrichment Center a refresh. We need your help to play games, read, do art projects, and just be present with our students at our AEC. Can you spare an hour or two in the coming weeks? Click below to see the schedule with specific needs and times available below.
Contact Julia to sign up for a time.
Congratulations, Kopo!
Our beloved staff member, Kopo Tapelu was 11 years old when he came to the United States. He has come a long way from that child who spoke no English & has worked so hard to provide the best for his family and remain true to himself. Last month, he took the big step to become a U.S. Citizen. He has always been so proud to be Samoan & now he is also a proud American.
Important Dates
Click here for this month’s AEC calendar with important dates and reminders.
10-14: AEC Closed (Open for Spring Cleaning Opportunites)


Volunteer Training
Thank you to all who came to our Volunteer Training last week! Julia put together a wonderful time of learning and sharing to help us all as we serve our community.
Special thanks to one of our Student Volunteers, Olive, for introducing a math contest for our students. Please be sure to join us next time! The next date will be at the end of the summer as we prepare for Back-to-School. Stay tuned!

The Business Class is in full swing! We are so proud of this partnership and can’t wait to see what these entrepreneurs

Thank you, Adela of Marketea for your leadership and this video!

We welcome your financial support and encourage donations via Facebook or Zelle (no fees!). We also accept ACH, Venmo, and PayPal.
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