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Cultural and Community Opportunities

By October 14, 2021November 1st, 2022Community Happenings, Upcoming Events

Explore the culture around our city and find ways to get and stay connected to our neighbors in Redwood City.

We’ve added a map below for some of the suggested locations. Have fun exploring!

2. EL PAVOJoin us in our Community Thanksgiving Dinner (11/13 @ 4 pm) Sign up HERE

3. LA IGLESIA Attend a Spanish-speaking church (Kairos Church or Verbo)
Kairos Church, Familia Cristiana Verbo, Templo La Luz

7. LA MÚSICA Listen to Spanish worship music or attend a concert in Spanish

10. EL PAN DULCETry a warm concha or a Mexican snack (Panaderia Michoacán)

11. LOS TACOSTry a new restaurant/food (pupusas, tamales, caldo, birria, etc) or from a region you’ve never tried (Cuban, Puerto Rican, Peruvian)

15. EL MERCADOVisit a Hispanic Market (Mi Rancho, El Mercadito Latino, Chavez, etc.)

16. LA CALAVERA– Join us at the AEC for a Día de los Muertos celebration on 11/1 @ 4 pm.

Attend Redwood City’s Día De Los Muertos Festival on November 6th (click on the icon above for details)

24. LA DANZAGo to a cultural presentation (Danza Colibrí), an art exhibit, or join us for our Danza & Music classes on Fridays (4:45pm-5:45pm) or Mariachi lessons on Sundays (9:00am-1:00pm)