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Common Volunteer Questions

What is the commitment?

To be a reading partner, you must complete a background check and one hour training. After this, we ask that you make a commitment of one hour a week for a full school year.

Where will I tutor?

You will tutor at one of our North Fair Oaks sites: Verbo or Connect Community Charter School

Can I choose where I tutor and the age/gender of my student?

We will definitely try to accommodate your wishes.  However, students with greater needs often receive first priority and thus we cannot guarantee that the student you work with will match your request.

What if I’ve never done this before, can I still help?

Absolutely. No experience or specialized training is required.  By simply showing up to invest an hour with one to two children a week, you can make a difference that will last a lifetime.

What if English isn’t my first language? Can I still help?

Absolutely, as long as you are fluent in English you can volunteer.

What will I do during that hour?

Depending on the child’s need, you may spend time reading to them, listening to them read, identifying word or playing games that help strengthen their literacy skills.

Will I tutor the same child weekly?

Yes. Ideally you will meet with the same kids (1-2) from week to week so that they can become comfortable and thrive with you and you can see the difference that your commitment made to them overtime.

Is reading and tutoring the only volunteer opportunity?

Absolutely not. There are many other ways you can help, for example, making food, hosting an event, beautifying a school, doing mailings, and more. Currently, we need people to help prepare lunches and snacks for our students.

What are the virtual opportunities like?

We have the ability to set up Zoom tutoring sessions with our students. You can provide support from the comfort of your home.