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Creativity is intelligence having fun!

-Albert Einstein

Redwood City and North Fair Oaks occupy one of the most creative, innovative regions in the world. Generations United wants every child here to access opportunities for creative expression of mind, body and spirit.

Art Classes

In 2022 we have been able to resume a number of our art programs with many of our community partners. Sheena Wilton of Laurel Street Arts has been coming to do projects with our students since late 2021. It has been a joy to see their work. In April, our group was selected to be featured in a series of murals by the City of Redwood City! We are so excited to share this with the city and our neighbors!

Dance Classes

We began hosting classes by Danza Colibri at our Centro Destino site in 2019-2020. Once our new AEC opened in 2021, we were able to resume these classes on Sundays. Stay tuned for more information on Danza Colibri and the Mariachi music programs.
Thanks to Generations United’s partnership with the Academy of American Ballet in Redwood City, many of our students receive professional ballet lessons throughout the year. As the Academy says in their charter, “every student regardless of innate ability or physical body type has the capacity to thrive and grow through dance.”

Community Partners Bios

Volunteers Make It Possible

Give the gift of life-long learning to children after work. In our Community! Hundreds of Students to Read with, Hundreds in Need of ESL Tutors!