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At the core of the mission of Generations United, we have an unswerving belief that people were designed to live interdependently with one another. We build community because the health of the whole is critical to the well-being of the individual.

Community Emergency Response

Generations United has a strong network of community support including congregations, nonprofits, corporations, and city government. When crises come upon our families, whether evictions, immigration-related actions, or the tragic loss of loved ones, our network steps up to provide needed support and referral.


Volunteer bakers put their talents to use providing custom cupcakes and cakes for students. It is a wonderful way for our community to be a part of birthday celebrations and special events!

Neighborhood Affinity Groups

Whether it’s about navigating the school system, raising children, public safety issues, housing, or immigration, the most important step in addressing such challenges is to come together. Generations United understands this and regularly sets the table for conversation around the critical issues that neighbors are together voicing.

Volunteers Make It Possible

Give the gift of life-long learning to children after work. In our Community! Hundreds of Students to Read with, Hundreds in Need of ESL Tutors!