Healthy bodies, able learning and strong communities

We all know that hunger and fatigue impairs learning and the ability to get classwork done. Illness brings them to a halt. Therefore, Generations United deems fitness and nutrition a necessity, not a luxury, for all children in Redwood City and North Fair Oaks.


Generations United has been fortunate to have a partnership with local business executive, Henry Villar, husband and father who is also gifted in Taekwondo. For several years now, he has provided weekly classes for many students in this Korean martial art, a practice that is both great for one’s health, but also the practice of discipline, etiquette, respect and self-confidence.

Family Fitness

Local fitness trainer Adriana Mireles, partners with Generations United to provide weight-training, calisthenics, stretching and other exercise regimes for whole families to stay fit and find company with others. Our Zumba class draws from a variety of dance forms including hip-hop, salsa, mambo, and more. Once a month, we celebrate by exchanging recipes and discussing healthy eating habits.

Volunteers Make It Possible

Give the gift of life-long learning to children after work. In our Community! Hundreds of Students to Read with, Hundreds in Need of ESL Tutors!