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June Newsletter 2024

By June 11, 2024July 12th, 2024, Upcoming Events

Dear Friends and Partners,

The end of the school year is always bittersweet. It is full of celebration because we are so proud of our students and their hard work this year, and sadness because we will miss our dear children over the summer. Please let us know if you’d like a summer prayer card as we continue to lift up these young ones even while they are out of school. We are grateful for this wonderful space we’ve called home on 2nd and Bay.

We will be packing up and would love to have you over for a visit and encouragement as we continue to identify a new location to serve families in NFO. We still have big questions about this displacement and continue to ask them. We encourage everyone to listen to those in the community without access to the beautiful spaces built around them. We have lifted our voices and will continue to do so. Our families deserve better. We attended the Preschool to Prison Pipeline Conference and are still reeling over the incredible challenges that were presented. Please take a moment to listen (click to view the presentation) as the disparity in our county alone is challenging. Many systemic issues in our education system need to be revamped, and there are too many to cover in this newsletter. We urge you to continue learning about these issues and consider partnering with Generations United to support our work in bridging communities. Come out for a visit – call me today at 650.619.1300 or reply to this email to set an appointment.

The disparity is only growing and we need the community to rise up. I realize this is not easy and I am sensitive to the many demands on people’s time, but we have committed ourselves to being bridge-builders in Redwood City and making a difference. God has given insight to us on how to mobilize together… let’s do it!

Developing Story: A devastating fire occurred just down the street from us on June 3. These apartments had been slated for affordable housing for those facing extreme poverty. Our hearts break for the families currently impacted and the 170 households that would’ve benefited from the affordable housing that burned down. This is affecting the community we reside in and serve daily. Some residents have immediate needs due to water damage on their property.

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Photo by Braden Cartwright

We will keep you posted as we identify what the needs are. We have been working with other organizations and partners to offer support as we become aware of additional needs. We initiated a cleanup effort on June 8 and continue to meet with neighbors to identify their most pressing needs. Click the photo below for a recap. Please reply if this is something you would like more information about.

Mother’s Day Celebration

We enjoyed a wonderful celebration with our mothers and mother figures last month! It has been a blessing to partner with Stanford and have use of the park around the corner. Thank you to all of our dedicated staff and volunteers for all of your hard work and support.

We celebrated all of our graduating students with a celebration at our AEC. We are so proud of our hard-working young men and women!

Art camp with Teacher Brayden and Teacher Kopo was a great success!

GU On the Move

As we wrap up our time at our current location, we are still actively pursuing all leads for a new facility. In the meantime, we are having “packing parties” at our site this month to prepare for our move. Click here for more information on how and when to help. If these times don’t work for you, please reply and let us know when you can stop by! We need help purging, cleaning, and boxing up our supplies and furniture. If you want to be added to our “move team”, please click here to email Candice and we will reach out to you when it is time to start taking things over and setting up.

Summer at the Center!

While our hours of operation are limited during the summer to pack up, we still host tutoring sessions for reading partners and students. We still need friends to come by and help keep things looking good and running smoothly: clean-up, gardening, small projects, organizing books and materials, and packing up! Are you available next week? Sometime this month? Join us!

Mission Opportunity – VBS with Salvation Army is set and we need you! Click the button to help out.

We encourage donations via Facebook or Zelle (no fees!). We also accept ACH, Venmo, and PayPal.

Details are on our website, click the button above.

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