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Year End Update

Greetings, December 2018

We are so grateful to have you join Generations United, Inc. as we completely commit to the call to serve children and families at a deeper level. In 2018, we had greater vision and courage to engage with families who are facing such incredible trauma and pain as they decided whether to remain in the changing landscape in the Silicon Valley. Throughout the year, the community carried the weight and uncertainty of appending school closures in their underserved neighborhoods. As I write this letter, the school district just confirmed four school closures. In total, close to 2,000 children will be impacted as the district goes from 16 to 12 sites. Our role as a stable, trusted resource and educational support to the disenfranchised children and families is needed more than ever. We can only do this with your generous support.

Our mission is to empower the children and families of Redwood City & North Fair Oaks to reach their full potential…in this generation and the next. We believe we are bridge builders to strengthen communities. There are countless people in our city (young and old) who are blessed as they come together! We believe that as we stand together, we will become an even greater community. Through intentional engagement, ALL will benefit from a connection to one another as our lives intersect cross-culturally, intergenerationally, and across educational/income levels. We have a newly updated website where we will share many stories in 2019. We hope you will share yours with us! As we head into the new year, you will hear more about learning opportunities.

Since 2012, GU has stepped in to fill gaps in the community with academic enrichment programs, homework centers, ESL, parent support groups, family dinners, and fitness (e.g. Taekwondo and ballet). Together, these activities offer an important resource: community. GU’s leaders and volunteers collectively represent a crucial network of support that goes far beyond its programs. Such solidarity requires trust, and it’s this trust that enables our work to succeed. Many of our families are in deep crisis.

One family we are working with has two teenagers navigating adolescence and a 5-year old son who has physical and learning disabilities. They live with the fear of deportation and are working through expensive and difficult immigration processes. A GU volunteer is deeply engaged and loving this family on their difficult journey. We need many more caring volunteers to make a lasting impact.

We are grateful to continue our work and are exploring even more ways to engage with entire families in the community. We encourage you to continue to invite others and join us financially. We need to hire critical staff to lead our efforts as we expand our vision and mobilize more people to engage in cross-cultural, intergenerational, community work. The needs are great, but we know together we can make an impact!

Please respond today with your financial support, and have your investment doubled by a gracious donor who has offered to match up to $40,000 by 1/31/19. As our work to serve the women, children, poor and immigrants in our city is so important. We hope to be at the top of your year-end giving list. Thank you for standing with us and believing in us. I’d love to have you visit one of our locations soon! Sincerely,

Angie Ibarra, Executive Director

Celebrating our cultural diversity is core to what we’re about.

When we build relationships where we live, we discover the complexities of standing with the vulnerable and the commitment needed for long-term change. Proximity changes our perspective, compels our response, and keeps us committed to the journey of pursuing justice for all. Move beyond awareness and experience the power of proximity.

-Michelle Warren, The Power of Proximity